What is a Pamper Party?

Pamper Party - Home Pampering: Hen Parties & Girls Nights In or a Full Pampering Day

What is a Pamper Party?
A Pamper Party is when a group of friends get together to celebrate a special occasion such as a hen party, birthday party, baby shower, or just spending quality time with some friends. Each guest would then receive a beauty treatment and enjoy being pampered. 
Whilst the thought of spending the day at a Luxury Health Spa sounds like heaven, this can be a very expensive option. Heaven at Home Spa offer an affordable alternative for you and your guests to enjoy 'Heaven' in the comfort of your own home, holiday cottage or hotel room!

                                    WE BRING THE SPA TO YOU!                                   


How does it work?
Once you have decided on the date for your party and have filled out the online booking form, a non refundable deposit of £50 will be required in order to secure the date. You will then be emailed your official invitations and the list of beauty treatments.
You and your guests will be able to select the treatment/s you would like in advance, so that on the day of your party you will have a treatment schedule, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

What happens at the party? 
Your therapist/s will arrive approx 20-30 minutes prior to the party so that they can set up their products & equipment ready to start the first treatment on time. You won't need to supply anything, the therapist's will have everything they need. Please just have an area tidy & ready for them when they arrive. Massage & facial treatments are normally best carried out in a private room whilst all other treatments can be carried out in any room. Check out our
Tips for Hostess  for ways to help your party run smoothly. 

What happens after the party?
Once everyone has had their treatments, your therapist/s will tidy up their equipment and will say good-by, leaving you and your guest's to continue with your celebrations!
No money will need to be paid on the day of your party, as the remaining balance will be required no later than 7 days prior.

Finally, you will be contacted a few days after your Pamper Party for feedback. Your comments and suggestions will be very helpfull to us to ensure we continue giving our customers the best service possible. 


For frequently asked questions and answers please see our FAQs page alternatively you can contact us.

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